Venue: K2 Crawley

The sports centre has all day free parking, a climbing wall, swimming pool and the sports hall we’ll be using.  Feel free to use the centre’s other facilities between games.

There is one large hall that we split into three parallel pitches.  A thin balcony on one side providing limited space to watch games.  The TD desk will be up on that balcony.  Places to hang out are the corridor outside the balcony or the centre’s cafe.

Water – available from a fountain outside the hall.  It’s towards the centre of the building.

Changing rooms – opposite the sports hall.  They include showers and lockers (£1 deposit)

Your bags and shit – the balcony isn’t big.  I’m sure you’d all like to watch games whilst not having to climb over mountains of bags.  There is loads of space outside the balcony that won’t be used by the rest of the public.  So put your bags out there.  If you have valuables then there are lockers in the changing rooms downstairs.  They’re £1, which you get back.  So there’s no need to put bags on the balcony.


Food at the venue

Local teams will be selling some sort of food during the weekend. Support them in their fundraising and eat delicious homemade grub.  There is a café at the venue serving hot and cold food throughout the day.

There are also free bananas and apples up along the balcony.


K2 Crawley
Pease Pottage Hill
West Sussex
RH11 9BQ