Fully Aggregated Ranking Title

From 2019 we’re introducing a new annual trophy for clubs to compete for.  Uni clubs who enter into all three division will automatically be entered into SICKO’s FART.

A reminder that the divisions are: Beginners, Women’s and Open.

How It Works

As a club you collect points as per each of your team’s finishing position in the tournament.  Finish 1st and you collect maximum points.  Finish last and you get 1 point.

The club with the most points by the end of the tournament will receive the highly coveted SICKO’s FART trophy!

If there is a tie then your club’s averaged spirit score will be used to place you.

Some need to knows:

  • If your club has 2 or more teams in a division, the highest finishing team’s score is the score we add to your club’s total.
  • An exception to the above.. if you field a 2nd team in each division those 2nd team can choose to be their own entity.
  • The spirit score of all the club’s teams are aggregated.

Previous Winners

2019Team Surrey
2020 (cancelled)
2021Sussex Hawks
2022Team Surrey
2023Sussex Hawks