Tournament Directors (and first aid)

The Tournament Director’s (TD) desk is located up on the balcony at the other end to the doors.  We are:

  • Fetu / Ben Rich
  • Benji Rees
  • Izzy Collins

We will all be in bright blue shirts for the majority of the weekend (unless playing).

If you or someone else needs first aid on the pitch, please remember the hall is loud and we often aren’t watching all the games intently.  Get the attention of someone at the TD desk (up on the balcony) who will then either themselves join you on the pitch or find our first aider(s) who will.

We’re not doctors or physios, so we can’t give you any medication, and can’t give you any advice on existing injuries or vague issues (e.g., “My leg hurts – should I keep playing?”). We can (and will!) however mop up blood, tell you to go to hospital if you’re concussed, and deal with general ’emergency’ type things – all the usual first aid stuff.

If it’s a serious injury or emergency it may be better to first get the attention of sports centre staff who are well trained for such things.

UKU Membership

SICKO events are organised as part of Brighton Ultimate, who are a UK Ultimate (UKU) affiliated club. This means we use the UKU’s public liability insurance to insure you at our events. It requires all experienced players to have at least basic UKU membership. Beginners are covered by a free, 3 session introductory period. You can purchase your basic (or full) membership here:

If you’re playing at regionals, nationals, indoor or outdoor, university or club then you will need this membership anyway and it makes no difference cost-wise if you buy it today or the day before any of those tournaments. So buy it today and be covered!

Health & Safety

If attempting a layout, be aware of walls and people:- dangerous play will not be tolerated and if the TDs see continued dangerous play by an individual then they have the right to refuse that player from playing. Please do be careful with yourselves and each other.

The TDs (Megan & Rich) are also our first aiders, and the centre staff will provide support on more serious issues, like concussions. First aid equipment and ice are available at the TD desk.


The nearest hospital with an A&E department is in Haywards Heath:

The Prince’s Royal Hospital
Lewes Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 4EX

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