Before the results a special mention to our friends who came from overseas. The best team name we’ve had for a while: “Norway that’s a Foul” and of course a few notable Swedes on Dark Side of the Spoon.  Well done for coming such a long way!

Mixed Division

Team Spirit
1st Cougars 11.4
2nd Dark Side of the Spoon 11.4
3rd WTF 11.1
4th Ditch 9.2
5th Anatidaephobia 9.6
6th  Norway That’s a Foul 11.5
7th Liquorice Allsorts 11.1
8th Black Hawks Down 11.6
9th Dopplebangers 2 10.9
10th Mjolnir 11.6
11th Discallaneous 11.0
12th CCU 9.5
13th BRB 10.2
14th Gin’ll Fix It 10.9
15th Bournemouth 10.8
16th Reading Knights 10.6
17th Team Surrey 3 10.0
18th Cloud City 1 11.4
19th Skunks 11.7*
20th Mohawks 11.3

Open Division

Team Spirit
1st AlterEgo 7.6
2nd Cut Under Next Time 12.5
3rd  Cloud City 11.0
4th Human Pyramid 12.8
5th  Schmexican 10.3
6th  Mohawks 10.2
7th Flump 10.8
8th Team Surrey 1 10.8
9th Rhubarb 2 12.3
10th Spunks 13.5*
11th Schindlers II 10.3
12th AFCB 11.0
13rd Brinks in the Wall 11.8
14th Reading Knights 10.4
15th Skunks 11.3
16th Team Surrey 2 13.3

* denotes spirit winner

denotes party winners!

2 plate winners

3 bowl winners

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