Congratulations to Herts Beginners, Zoltaned and BaoBab for winning your divisions.

MVP for the finals were:

  • Beginners final: Silas (Herts)
  • Women’s Final: Fiona (Brixton)
  • Open Final: Callum (BaoBab)

Spirit went to:

  • Beginners division: Surrey
  • Women’s division: The Other Team
  • Open division: Zero Degrees

A further well done to the plate winners Panthers, discDoctors and Skunks.  Special thanks to the teams and clubs that helped tidy up over the weekend.  Finally, best wishes to the people who left with some quite serious injuries.  Get well soon!


1stHerts BeginnersZoltanedBaoBab
2ndTeam Surrey Ultimate ABrixtonMohawks 1
3rdMohawks X or Y (game didn’t finish)UprisingHerts
4thMohawks X or Y (game didn’t finish)Freeze BeesRhubarb
5thSlades WarriorsThe Other TeamCardiff No Frills
6thUniversity of PortsmouthCardiff No FrillsMjölnir
7thTeam Surrey Ultimate BHorsham Ultimate WomensTeam Surrey Ultimate
8thSouthampton SkunksTeam Surrey UltimatediscDoctors
9th (Plate winners)Brighton PanthersdiscDoctorsSouthampton Skunks
10thKent Touch ThisChichester ChinchillasChichester Cobras
11thCobra HatchlingsSkordZero Degrees
12thUCL SilverbacksMoWoBrunel
13thEssex BladesSouthampton SkunksUntitled Goose Team
14thBlue FreshersKent Touch ThisMohawks 2
15thdiscDoctorsUniversity of PortsmouthUniversity of Portsmouth
16thCardiff No FrillsPanthers Mixed

SICKO’s FART – Fully Aggregated Ranking Title

SICKO Fart Winners – Team Surrey

If you’re not familiar with SICKO FART then read about it here.

This was the first year of the new competition between clubs and boy was it close!  Mohawks and Surrey both sharing 34 points with it going down to spirit between the two clubs.

Which of the clubs will come back strong next year and take the top spot?!

BeginnersWomen’sOpenTotalAvg Spirit Score
1st – Team Surrey159103410.8
2nd – Mohawks14515349.75
3rd – Cardiff211112411.0
4th – Chichester5782010.1
5th – Skunks9371911.1
6th – DiscDoctors1891811.1
7th – Portsmouth1241179.99

Spirit of the Game

The tables below are the results taken 2/3 days after the weekend itself and includes any late submissions.  Well done to discDocters, Uprising and Zero Degrees for being most spirited!

The prizes were given to Surrey, The Other Team and Zero Degrees; who were all around for the ceremony.  These were the spirit winners taken from data just after the finals.

Beginners Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
2ndBlue Freshers612.3
2ndCardiff No Frills312.3
4UCL Silverbacks712.2
5Herts Beginners712.16
6Kent Touch This712.14
7Team Surrey Ultimate A312.0
8Essex Blades611.8
9Team Surrey Ultimate B511.5
10Southampton Skunks611.2
11Panthers Beginners610.2
11Slades Warriors610.2
13Cobra Hatchlings510
14Mohawks X69.8
16Mohawks Y78.9
Women’s Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
2ndThe Other Team711.9
3rdKent Touch This611.5
4Southampton Skunks711.4
7Cardiff No Frills910.3
10Freeze Bees610.1
11Horsham Ultimate Womens010.0
15Team Surrey Ultimate59.5

Open Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
1stZero Degrees711.71
3rdUntitled Goose Team611.3
5Southampton Skunks610.8
7Chi Cobras710.6
8Panthers Mixed410.5
9Mohawks 2510.3
9Cardiff No Frills610.3
11Team Surrey Ultimate510.2
13Mohawks 1510.16