This was our first  SICKO away from the usual beginner focused time of year. Normally in October, this SICKO was in February. Here we had a strong mixed division to prepare Uni teams ready for nationals a week later.  We had a points competition that Andy from Choke Hazard won.  His guess was only 5 off the total number of points scored all weekend.  1612 points were scored in 147 games. Party winners were to CPR.

Quite a few games were recorded by Felix from PushPass and include both finals. They are available on youtube here:


Open Division

TeamSpirit1Our call compared to theirs
2ndNapoleon Skynamite10.21.6
3rd PTO9.01.3
4thGuildford Ultimate7.51.6
6th Codicote Sex Panthers8.71.7
7thReading Ultimate9.31.7
8thScuba Divers11.7*1.6
9thRawhyde (plate winners)10.82.0
10thSuck My Disc10.01.7
11thSkultimate Jizbee9.11.5
12thPick Up Team9.52.1

Mixed Division

TeamSpirit1Our call compared to theirs
1stTotes Mah-goats9.31.5
3rdBrazilian Three-toed Sloths8.21.6
4thMohawks 19.62.6
6thVaj in my Van9.41.4
8thSurrey 18.82.0
9thChoke Hazard (plate winners)8.02.4
10thCloud City Ultimate8.72.2
13thMohawks 2 (bowl winners)10.02.1
14thLe HUC11.3*2.3
15thBlack Hawk Down10.23.0
16thSurrey 210.01.5
17thCut Backs8.91.5

* denotes spirit winner

1 an average spirit score would be 8 because we only had 4 genuine categories

SICKO Regurg DIY playing pool

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