Congratulations to Shocker and Alter Ego for winning your divisions and everyone for a well spirited tournament; especially The Great British Fake Off and Iron Pie.  Also a special thanks from the TDs to Kent and Mjolnir for going out of their way to keep the hall tidy.

MVPs of the finals were Abi (Shocker) and Frank (Alter Ego).  Good job!

Mixed Division

Team Spirit
1st Shocker 10.8
2nd Dopplebangers 10.6
3rd Cougars 11.4
4th WTF 9.7
5th Purple Cobras 10.3
6th DarkSide 11.3
7th Black Hawks Down 10.4
8th Mjolnir 11
9th2 Curve Classic 9.4
10th Cosmic Manatees 11
11th Brixton Mixed 9.2
12th BabyHawks 10
13th Noice  10.3
14th Wild Boars 9.7
15th Great British Fake Off 12*
16th Reading Knights ?
17th3 Stackappellas 11.5
18th CMI 11.1
19th Kent Brockmans 10.3
20th Game of Thrown 10.5
21st We Like Spinny Things 11.1
22nd Zero Degrees 11
23rd My Little Mony 9.2
24th Pretty Little Flyers 11.1

Open Division

Team Spirit
1st  Alter Ego 11
2nd Nebula Titans 12
3rd Johnny BraMo 7.8
4th Judy Dench 10.5
5th Cut Under 9.5
6th Liqorice Whip 12
7th All the King’s Men 10.4
8th Discrimination 9.6
9th2 Iron Pie 12.3*
10th Bricks in the Wall 12.2
11th Brixton 11.8
12th Skunks 11.8
13rd Schlinders 11.6
14th Horsham Hippos 11.8
15th Reading Knights ?
16th Dolls & Goon 12

* denotes spirit winner

2 plate winners

3 bowl winners