Congratulations to Brighton Big Dogs and COG for winning your divisions.  Enjoy your trophies!

Also a special mention to TD Team and Off Constantly for giving these teams such competitive and exciting finals.


1stBrighton Big DogsCOG
2ndTD TeamOff Constantly
3rdMixed FeelingsEd
5thBN1Brighton Ultimate
7thThe Other TeamDirty Ike
8thGet Your Gubs OutPoole Ultimate
9th (plate winners)CambearidgeTeam IMPERIA
10thFawnsThe Void
12thStarry NightsPickup

Spirit of the Game

We used a simplified spirit system; the results of which you can see below.  On each day teams were asked to highlight any particularly spirited teams and optionally any unspirited teams.  These figures are from the Monday after the tournament and include any late entries.  The raw data (including comments) can be seen on this spreadsheet.

Well done to Team IMPERIA and the TD Team who each took home the spirit prizes.  Rhubarb and Fawns were the most spirited teams but weren’t there at the end, so your prize went to IMPERIA & the TD team.

Teams marked as the most spirited

Teams highlighted as unspirited by another team