Congratulations to Hawks Beginners, Catching Feelings and COG for winning your divisions and Team Surrey for winning FART!

MVP for the beginners final was:

  • Ben from Bournemouth

Spirit went to:

  • Beginners division: Baby Skunks
  • Women’s division: Surrey Galtimate
  • Open division: KCL Throne


1stCOGHawksCatching Feelings
2ndOpen MindedBournemouth HeatKCL Thrown
3rdSkunksSurrey UltimateNo Stars
4thBN1Chichester CobrasSurrey Galtimate
5thScorpionsBrunel Baby CocksUCL Silverbacks
6thUCL SilverbacksBaby SkunksSWAAG
7thHawks OpenKCL Thrown
8thSouthampton CityUCL Babybacks
9thSurrey Ladtimate
10thKCL Thrown
11thChichester Cobras
12thBrunel Big Cocks

SICKO’s FART – Fully Aggregated Ranking Title

If you’re not familiar with SICKO FART then read about it here.

Team Surrey retained the trophy from two years prior; secure the award with a dominate club display.  Well Done!

Which of the clubs will come back strong next year and take the top spot?!

Surrey 2022 Beginners FART Winners

SICKO Fart Winners – Team Surrey

OpenBeginnersWomen’sTotalAvg Spirit Score
1st – Team Surrey463139.9
2nd – UCL7121010.8
3rd – KCL3251010.5

Spirit of the Game

The tables below are the results taken on the Thursday after the weekend itself and includes any late submissions.  Well done to Surrey Galtimate, No Stars, KCL Thrown (open), Brunel Big Cocks, COG and Baby Skunks for being most spirited!

The prizes were given to KCL Thrown, Baby Skunks and Surrey Galtimate.  These were the spirit winners taken from data just after the finals.

Raw Data (check your comments)

Open Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
1stKCL Thrown711.4
1stBrunel Big Cocks711.4
6UCL Silverbacks711
7Chichester Cobras610.5
9Open Minded610.2
10Southampton City Ultimate710.1
11Team Surrey Ladtimate69.6
12Hawks Open69.3
Women’s Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
1stTeam Surrey Galtimate710.5
1stNo Stars510.5
4Catching Feelings710.3
5UCL Silverbacks710.1
6KCL Thrown510
Beginners Division
TeamScores GivenSpirit Score
1stBaby Skunks712.3
2ndUCL Babybacks711.3
3rdBournemouth Heat510.3
4Brunel Baby Cocks710
4KCL Thrown710
7Chichester Cobras79.9
8Team Surrey Ultimate49.8