Open Division

Team Spirit
1st AlterEgo 11.08
2nd #Knifecrime 10.88
3rd Coathangers 10.55
4th PTO 11.5
5th Chesham Kites2 10.33
6th Scuba Divers 11.44
7th Fly Hard 12.00
8th Surrey 2 12.00
9th Surrey 1 11.87
10th Swansea 12.25*

Mixed Division

Team Spirit
1st Great Bragging 12.12
2nd Mohawks 1 10.44
3rd WFT 10.25
4th Chesham Kites 11.37
5th Reading Ultimate 12.25
6th Black Hawks Down 10.75
7th All Things Brighton Beautiful 12.55*
8th Babyhawks 9.66
9th Cloud City2 11.10
10th Nuts1 12.14
11th Surrey Mixed 12.00
12th Panthers 10.44
13th Skunks 12.37
14th Reading Knights 10.55
TriVolle (black)

Spikeball in Europe

1st Rape & Slaughter. Cake?
2nd T-Rex Squad
3rd SAD
4th Danny C & the GilliJas
5th Pikeballs
6th Subligaculum
7th Black Hawks Down
8th Spikeballas

* denotes spirit winner

1 denotes party winners!

2 plate winners

MPV for our open final was Miles playing for #Knifecrime.  Mixed final MVPs were Spoon and Hannah Smash! for Great Bragging.