Well done to Roche Discnostics, Gossip Club and Avatarz for winning your respective divisions! Special mention to our MVPs from each final: Desmond (Mohawks Y), Hannah Brew (Gossip Club) and Deanie Diesel Dom (Avatarz).

*Spirit went to HU?, Ladies of Norway and Mohawks 2.

Felix from Pushpass even recorded a couple of the finals.  Open Final, Beginners Final, Women’s Final

A final special thanks to Benji, Felix, Callum, Abi, Sully and Jack for various things, plus our plate designers and hosts!

Beginners Women Open
1 Roche Discnostics Gossip Club Avatarz
2 Mohawks Y Vurve Get in my Van
3 Portsmouth Sublime Chesham Kites Alter Ego
4 Reading Knights WOW Ultimate Dougal
5 Mohawks X All Things Brighton Beautiful Rhubarb
6 Surrey Cardiff University Jusdisc League
7 Hertfordshire KCL Legover
8 Panther Cubs Squawks Surrey Alumni
9 UCL (Plate) Ladies of Norway* (Plate) OW! (Plate)
10 Imperial Beginners Discie Chicks KCL
11 Skunks KTT Chesham Kites
12 HU?* Surrey Mohawks 1
13 KCL (Bowl) Reading Knights (Spoon) Kent Touched Us
14 Cardiff University Panthers discDoctors Mixed
15 Brightonians Panthers (Spoon)
16 KTT (Spoon) Mohawks 2*
17 Fusion Huck