What a great weekend everyone!  Thank you for coming and making it what it was.  Congratulations to Sublime (beg), Durhamazing (women’s) and Get in my Van (open) for winning your divisions!  And Southampton (beg), Durhamazing (women’s) and Custard (open) for winning spirit.

Thank you also to everyone that helped over the weekend.  Especially Brighton Panthers, Sussex Mohawks and all our Brighton based hosts.  Also the many individuals who offered their help, knowledge and chocolates!

We also had a dedicated photographer this year.  You can see the snaps here.


Beginner’s Division (spirit) Open Division (spirit) Women’s Division (spirit)
1st Sublime (6.0) Get in my Van (11.3) Durhamazing! (11.9)
2nd Mohawks X (11.2) Knife Crime (11.7) Brighton Pretty (12.2)
3rd Team Surrey (10.5) AlterEgo (11.0) Vurve (11.0)
4th Cardiff 1 (10.7) OW! (10.5) Brighton Ugly (11.5)
5th HU? (11.0) BFG (11.0) All Things Brighton Beautiful (11.6)
6th Mohawks Z (10.0) Cut Under Next Time (10.4) Mohawks (10.7)
7th Panthers 2 (12.4) Rhubarb (10.9) WOW! (11.2)
8th Cardiff 2 (11.7) Panthers (11.6) Discie Chicks (11.3)
9th dD* (11.2) Mohawks* 1 (12) Team Surrey (11.2)
10th Southampton (13.6) Swansea (10.0) Southampton (11.6)
11th Panthers 1 (11.5) dD (10.0)
12th KTT 1 (10.9) Surrey (9.3)
13th Swansea (12.0) Southampton (9.8)
14th KCL Thrown (12.0) Custard (12.8)
15th KTT 2 (11.4) Mohawks 2 (10.7)
16th Sublime (8.0)
17th Kent (12.2)
18th HU? (12.5)
19th Scuba Divers (11.3)
20th KCL Thrown (11.6)

MVPs for our finals were Ross from sublime in the beginners final, Cat Ashton #27 for Durhamazing in the women’s final and Robbie “corn on the cobbie” Haines for GIMV in the open final.  Nicely played guys!

*plate winners!!

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