All divisions

  • Play to the hooter in pool games: if the disc is in the air then that pass may be completed. Feel free to ‘greatest’ it along to complete the play!

Pool Play

  • All pool games can be drawn – the game ends as above regardless of score.

After Pool Play

  • If you’re in knockout or a seeding game, games cannot be drawn. If teams are level when the hooter goes, either complete the point or, if in between points, play the final, sudden death point. Please note that if the hooter goes during the point, there is no check, and play continues until someone scores to win – please communicate this information to your team so that you don’t lose in a tragic manner.

Timeouts – one 30 second timeout per team per game; only to be taken between points and not within 3 minutes of the final hooter (or in sudden death). 

Post-game – please clear the pitches and the hall quickly after your game – the other team won’t think you’re jerks if you shake hands in the corridor, we promise.  Then take your speeches outside.

Late to a game? – Teams are given a five-minute ‘grace’ period.  If you are more than five minutes late then your opposition will be granted one point per further minute you are late.  To be considered ready your team must have at least three players on the line with an arm raised to signal that you are ready to play.