SICKO Assassins

In space, no-one can hear you scream…

What better way to pass the time at the tournament than by killing off your opposition and losing all trust in your friends and teammates? Sign up for SICKO Assassins and see how many hitmen you can take down before your own tail catches up with you.

Here’s how…

Sign up – with your full name (and nickname, if you have one) and the team you will be playing for (main team, not every team you might pick up for).

You will be assigned a ‘first hit’ via email before the tournament – write this person’s name and team on a piece of paper and carry it on your person for the weekend (during games and to the party – if you make it that far…).

When you kill someone, they will give you their assignment (hand over the paper) – now you need to go kill this new person. When you are killed, you must register your death at tournament HQ with Megan, for posterity, and for organisational purposes.

When you hold your own name on a piece of paper in your hand, you win!

Details on how to “kill” people will be released in the coming weeks on the website and the Facebook event page, and emailed to participants before the tournament begins.

Deadline for entrants is Wednesday 9th 23:59

Killing Methods

Death by random object – In space, things are dangerous. You never know what might kill you, so it’s best not to accept random items from strangers, or teammates. But should you manage to get your mark to accept an object from you, they are, regrettably, dead. This can be any object. At any time – you name it, you can die then. Throwing the object does not count – the object must be in contact with you at the point when they take control of it.

More kill methods coming soon…


Honour among thieves – if you’re dead, you’re dead, and you know it. Don’t whine about it. Just hand over your paper. Megan will rule on any disputed issues at a time convenient to her. Rulings will most likely be arbitrary, or decided by who can tell the best dad-style (ie. bad) joke on demand.

Register your death! –  This is very important. After you die, for administrative purposes, make sure you go to the TD desk and tell Megan you are dead, and how you died (important for bonus prizes). She’ll know who killed you – mostly due to omniscience, but also because she has a list of everyone playing. Death-registering is important for the prizes. If you die at the party, register your death at the TD desk the next day.

Collateral Damage – remember, there are many innocent bystanders at the tournament. It is important that you do not injure anyone who is not playing. Or anyone who is playing for that matter. You’re not actually trying to kill them, remember. Just fake-kill them.


Last Humanoid Standing – everybody else is dead, and you hold your own name in your hand. Congrats.

Most Deadly Player Award – you may not be the last one alive, but you’ve taken down a lot of the competition, which is worthy of recognition. Good job.