2012’s rendition was held at Brighton University and Sussex University campuses.  Smaller venues and less pitch time meant it was a down-sized tournament this year.  Except for the party, which was monstrous!


Open Experienced

Team Spirit
1st Avatarz
2nd Grand Hawks
3rd Big Yellow Hat
4th Mohawks
5th Brighton Panthers *
6th Napoleon Skynamite

Experienced final MVP: Sion Thaysen


Team Spirit
1st Squaws 1
2nd Squaws 2
3rd Kenton *
4th Thrown
5th Disc Doctors
6th Surrey


Team Spirit
1st Mohawks 1
2nd Brighton Panthers
3rd Mohawks 2 *
4th Disc Doctors 2
5th Kent 2
6th Thrown
7th Kent 1
8th Disc Doctors 1

Beginners final MVP: Ben (Panthers)

* denotes spirit winner